Refund and Returns Policy

Tech zone adopted several policies to make your online shopping more easy, smooth, and hassle-free. Let’s take a look at the policies.


 Return Policy


  • Payment should be made after checking the product while the delivery man is present.
  • No complaints will be entertained after the delivery man has left. All your complaints or problems should be reported to us by phone during the delivery man’s time.


 Exchange Policy


  • After receiving the product, you suddenly feel that it would have been better if it wasn’t. In this case, you can choose an exchange policy. As per our policy, you must notify us within 12 hours.
  • What you need to do in this case: Show the pre-ordered product, packaging material, and bill/invoice to the delivery man.
  • We always check the products and send them to the customers. However, sometimes the carelessness of the delivery man
  • What you should do if the product is damaged or broken for any accidental reason:
  • In this case, we have to call and inform the matter in the presence of the delivery man. And you can return the product without any charge. The product must be returned with its packaging when returning the product.
  • Many times the person who orders is not at home. In this case, the person who will receive the parcel will be informed about this in advance. If we are not notified within 24 hours, the exchange policy cannot be implemented. We will resend or refund damaged products within 5 working days.


 Defective product


  • If the product is defective, you must notify us within 12 hours. In this case, you have to provide appropriate proof (product should be sent by video), Invoice number. We will refund or send a new product within 5 working days (according to stock) if the complaint is substantiated.
  • Where return and exchange policy is not applicable: Products are non-returnable if, after receiving the ordered product, it appears that the product is no longer needed or the requirement has been exhausted.
  • Make online shopping more convenient and comfortable by following the above guidelines. We are by your side with all your support.


Warranty Policy

We are in the Tech zone offering all Genuine Products. Many of the products come with a brand warranty and some don’t. If there is any warranty for any particular product, it shall be clearly written on the website or on the invoice or there may have a separate warranty card for the different time periods. Please bear in mind that the Replacement warranty will be only available once for a particular product and during the period if the product got the same or other issues from second incidents it will cover as a service warranty. In a simple way- The replacement warranty is valid at one time only. We are unable to replace it more than one time.

Here is the simple and easy way to get a replacement, if there is an issue such as-


  • Manufacturing fault
  • OS-related fault but NOT for any Apps
  • If there is no power due to a device issue (No warranty for any kinds of accessories. Such as Remote, Keyboard, Light, Battery Etc.)
  • If the product is restarting or not running even 60% of its performance.

In general, if there is any product sold with a Replacement warranty, It means you will get a new product after inspection and if it qualifies. There is many reasons, it may get rejected or not eligible to get a replacement. Here are a few reasons for your kind reference-


  • If there is any physical damage
  • If there is any burn or similar
  • If the product is not with the original software or warranty void stickers
  • If the product is used abnormally or in such an environment it is not supposed to be.
  • If there is any item replaced once, there won’t be any warranty for the replaced items.

If there is such an environment that we don’t have enough products to give a quick replacement, it may take a little longer time to get the product as a replacement. If we don’t get the product and if there is no chance to get it in the near future, we may offer a service warranty instead


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